Day Twenty-Four: Anniversary

So today is Ashleigh’s and my seventh anniversary and it started off with a bang. I woke up in the very early morning with horrible cramps. Thankfully, Ashleigh was awesome: she got me some painkillers and a hot water bottle. I didn’t get much sleep after that until 7 AM and then I slept until 10 AM.

Thankfully, it was also a rest day for everything, except pushups. So I did my 35 pushups. They were pretty good today, mostly because I took my time with them.

For brunch/lunch, we went to Ashleigh’s dad’s. We had a family picture to take as well. Once again they were very accommodating. They found a bacon I could eat because it was sugar-free. They made potatoes with olive oil, salt and pepper. So I had that, plus eggs. It was all very good and I appreciate the support I received when eating there.

After I dropped Ashleigh off at the bus depot, I went home and had leftover chicken for supper. I also made asparagus which I had as well.

Until tomorrow!


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