Day Twenty-Three: Spreading the Word

I was in bed nice and early last night, so I got 9 hours of sleep, which was a really nice treat. Especially since I now have only one week left. That’s seven days left!

Today, my exercises started with 30 pushups. They were okay. I did them in groups of 5 which helped to keep the stress on my shoulder down. Next up was 125 crunches, which got pretty difficult near the end. Then I did the 40 second plank, successfully I might add. Finally, I did the 190 squats, but I added an extra 5 because apparently I forgot what my phones said. So in whole, I did 195 squats. Go me!

Then for lunch (I’m starting to realize that I suck at breakfast on weekends, something new to work on), I had a chicken salad. It was quite good.

Up next, Ashleigh and I headed out to a Remembrance Day supper. I have been assured that there will be something for me to eat, so I will keep you updated on that.

My Whole30 email today was all about Spreading the Word about Whole30. One of their suggestions, which I loved, was to start a blog. I don’t know why anyone would want to blog about this experience… Only kidding. This blog and my wonderful readers keep me accountable to what I said I was going to do. I am so extremely glad to have started this blog.

Anyways back to spreading the word, I would recommend the Whole30 to anyone and everyone! It is an amazing program that allows you to focus on eating healthy without all the confusing calorie counting, etc.

For supper, I had roast beef with salad and overcooked veggies. The salad and roast beef were very good though.

After that, Ashleigh and I went to the Q Club so I could collect some donation money on behalf of Camp fYrefly Sask ( Camp is an amazing organization that I am very lucky to have been a part of. Camp is a weekend learning getaway for LGBTQA youth. Check out the link for more information! The camp is run by donations, so if you can help out even a bit, I know we would all appreciate it!

So anyways, it was a drag show last night and there were some amazing performances. I even saw some friendly faces on the stage and they did a great job. So it was a late night.

Until tomorrow!


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