Getting back to it

It seems that I have some troubles writing on this blog unless I challenge myself to do it. So starting today, I am doing a 30-day blog challenge. I’ve decided to start with a simple challenge that will allow me to just get back into a rhythm of writing on a blog every day.

Today’s writing topic: Describe your current relationship.

This is something that I already love to do because I am so lucky to have married such an amazing woman in November 2015. I met my partner, now my wife, over 8 years ago on my first day of Grade 11. Ashleigh was new to the school, starting her Grade 12 year. We met in the lunch line and she still insists it was love at first sight. I wasn’t far behind either and we were dating within two months.

Since those first months, so much has happened. We went as each other’s prom dates when we graduated: her in 2008 and me in 2009. We moved out together and got engaged. We moved a few more times. I was accepted into university to pursue my degree in English. We adopted our baby kitty, Olivia. Ashleigh was accepted into trade school for Plumbing and moved an hour away to attend school. We started actually planning our wedding, only 5 years after we got engaged. Ashleigh found a job where she went to school, so eventually I made the move to live with her and commuted to work for several months. We got out second fur baby, another kitty named Jaeger. A week before our big day, I was finally able to get a job in the same city as Ashleigh.

Our anniversary is November 9, 2007 and on November 14, 2015, after 8 years and four days, I married my best friend. It was a perfect day and has led to an amazing marriage. It’s been just shy of 4 months. Ashleigh is an incredible person and I am still in awe of how lucky I am to have such an amazing partner in life. She helps me keep my darkness at bay and reminds me that the small things don’t matter as much as I think they do. I want to be my best me for her and to give everything I have to have a wonderful life experience together.

I can see our future in front of us and I am so excited for everything to come; for a house and a family. She also grounds me in the present, so that we can have fun without focusing on what we are looking forward to. Sometimes it is just about living in the moment and I get that with her.

“After all this time?”



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