Day 2 – Keeping At It

Well, I’ve actually come back for two days in a row; so far, so good. I felt really good knowing that I did make a post and started it again.

Today’s Discussion PostWhere do you see yourself in 10  years?

When I think about it, ten years is a long time. Ten years ago, I was 14 years old. I had never had a serious relationship. I was a moody teenager and thought I would never find love and that even if I did, I wouldn’t trust it. I never would have guessed that I would be married. A lot has changed since then and I’m sure that a lot more will change in the ten years to come, but I do have a vision for my life over the next ten years. I’m not holding on to things as tightly as I once did, but there are things I know I want to accomplish.

First, I see myself finishing my English degree at some point. I’m in a longer program than most, having taken 6 years to get halfway. But I am halfway now and I’m actually meeting with an advisor next week to go over what I still need to do and make a plan. To have my completed degree in the next ten years is one of my biggest goals for myself.

Second, I see myself working in my field with my English degree. I’m thinking along the lines of publishing or editing. I currently work in the insurance industry and though I love the people I work with, I don’t want to be here forever, no matter the benefits or pension. I am much more inclined to spend my time surrounded by words rather than the dull buzz of insurance.

Next, I see myself living in a house that Ashleigh and I bought. At this point, I just know that it will have a big backyard and we have a puppy to run around in that yard. And it will have a beautiful kitchen because even though I am not much of a cook, it is important to have a kitchen that is fun to experiment in.

Finally, I see at least one actual baby (maybe 2), not a fur baby, running around in this house. At 24, I know that I am not ready to have kids, but I hope to find a place in my life where I feel comfortable about bringing a baby into this world. I have always wanted kids and so has Ashleigh, so it is now a matter of ensuring that we can provide the best possible life for any children we decided to have, to make sure that they are surrounded by love. I know that Ashleigh will be an amazing mom and if I can be even half the parent my mom, dad and step parents were, I will be pretty awesome myself.

And that is where I see myself in 10 years.

Just for fun, here is a photo of me around the time I was 14 (10 years ago) with my Grandpa Markling. I’ll always love you, Grandpa. You inspire me every day to have fun and not take life so seriously. Also, to watch out for power tools around your fingers. Miss you, Grandpa.



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