Day Three

Alright, so I’m planning on making sure that I actually save this draft today.

For breakfast today, I had eggs with ground beef and I even made enough to ensure that I have leftovers for tomorrow. I also went for a walk on my morning break. I went for about 18 minutes. It was nice to get out into the sun and it even woke me up.

For lunch, I had the last of my leftover balsamic chicken as well as salad. Then I went for a 28 minute walk and the heat was nice. It seems to be holding off the tired slump I hit right after lunch. Which reminds me that power naps are the name of the game today.

Last time I did the Whole30, I was feeling all the things mentioned in my daily emails on day three. Today, I’m only suffering from being tired. Which is a marked improvement. It also means that I will be skipping my afternoon walk today again, so that I can have a nap. Nothing wrong with that. It is actually recommended that one should nap. I will probably go for 20 minutes around 3. However, my normal nap zone is busy today, so I will be curling at my desk with my headphones in.

One of the things mentioned that may be an issue on day three is being cranky or moody. Yesterday, I was cranky, but today it seems to have passed. I think it is because I already know that I can get through these tough first few days. All I know so far is that I need naps.

Tonight, I am staying in the city because I have my pole fitness class. We are supposed to wear high heels tonight, something that I don’t do ever. I actually had to buy a pair of heels to bring to the class, so this will be interesting. It does make me happy that I will get a Mommy-cooked meal since I will be at my mom’s house.

For supper, I had barbecued chicken and salad. It was yummy and there was even enough for leftovers.

After that, it was off to my last pole fitness class with Aradia Fitness. It was week six of level 2 and the first class of dancing in high heels. Now, if you know me, then you know that I can’t walk in high heels, let alone dance. At least, I couldn’t walk in them until Tuesday and I couldn’t dance in them until tonight. All I know now is that my feet ache and my body will be feeling this in the morning. Onward and upwards.

That’s all for now, folks.


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