Day One

I got out of bed at 6:30 in the morning which alone is a big accomplishment for me lately. Part of Whole30 is that you only weigh yourself at the beginning and the end. So that was first on my list. I weighed in at 267.2 lbs. I also took some body shots in the interest of seeing how my body will change. I am going to try and attach them here, but if not, another day. Then it was right to my new workout.

Surprisingly, 5 push ups was easy for me. Mind you, they were modified. However, normally my shoulder protests after one, but today, it is feeling good after 5.

The 20 second plank really woke my abs up. I had forgotten those muscles even existed. I had to count the 20 seconds out because my phone was being used for motivational music, but I am positive I stayed up for a whole 20 seconds.

The 25 crunches tested my patience. Mostly because my technique sucked. I will have to look into that. Plus my abs probably still hated the fact that I had done the plank.

Finally was the 50 squats. Let me just say ‘Ouch’. My legs even hurt walking down the stairs of my apartment an hour later. On the bright side, I did it! If I can do it once, I can do it again.

With my workout done, I moved on to breakfast which was two eggs. Something tells me that in the future I will have to supplement that with something. Not sure what yet, but that is a plan for tomorrow. I logged that into Fitness Pal – my food and exercise tracking app. So that is one Whole 30 meal successfully made and enjoyed, even if it was the small one.

For lunch, I had three eggs scrambled at breakfast when I realized I had not planned my lunch. Well I will know for next time. I also had rasberries, green grapes, cherry tomatoes and spinch with balsamic vinegar.

For supper, I had balsamic chicken. It was delicious and I have leftovers for tomorrow. I skipped the greens because I didn’t manage my time very well. Something else to work on: time management. Then it was of to Q to help set supper for the drag show that Camp fYrefly will receive proceeds from. So yeah Q and everyone who made that possible. It will be an awesome event, even if I don’t get to partake in pulled pork, buns or cake. It is for a good cause.

Then there is the added mood booster that Ashleigh is coming home for a visit this weekend. Must keep up momentum.

Until tomorrow, anyone who stuck around to finish this post. 🙂

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