Top Ten Tweets from C.G. Drews (@PaperFury)

I'm not much for Twitter, and though I do have an account, it is mostly retweets or these blog posts. However, one of my favourite people to follow on Twitter is C.G. Drews (@PaperFury). She is the author of A Thousand Perfect Notes and The Boy Who Steals Houses. I have not read either title, …

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REVIEW: Wolf by Wolf – Ryan Graudin

Hey lovely readers! Thank you for your delightful patience. I working on navigating what this blog looks like while I am also attended two university classes in the evenings, plus my full-time job. I am  hoping to continue with a steady stream of content, but it will likely be more spaced out than normal. This …

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Top Ten Jodi Picoult Books

Welcome back to another Top Ten Tuesday! One of my favourite authors is Jodi Picoult. She has written quite a few books, 24 to be exact, and I love her novels! Each book tackles a difficult conversation, such as abortion, designer babies or school shootings. She offers perspectives on different people in the situations, giving …

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