Anywhere in the World

I'm a little late today. Mostly because I got a bit distracted throughout the day. We had to adult a bit today to make sure that we are ready for the week ahead and then we went for a two hour walk/adventure. Also, just a thank you for those who read my blog from yesterday. …

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Day 8: Happy International Women’s Day

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post for this breaking news: Today, March 8, 2016, is International Women's Day and as a feminist, I feel that I need to take a moment to recognize this day. I may only be a 20-something, closer to 20 than 30, but I know that women have come a …

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Day 5: Let’s talk about food, baby!

Today's Discussion Topic: What are your favourite comfort foods, and why? (Side note: I'm Canadian, so yes, it is spelt favourite) One of my favourite comfort foods is Raspberry Sobert. Mostly I just love raspberry flavoured things. Candy, drinks, etc. Though I tried an alcoholic beverage last night at supper that was raspberry and alcohol …

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