Meet the Blogger: Bookish Questions

Welcome back to a post that actually has to do with books! Look at me go!

Seriously though, I have had this draft sitting in my folder since February and decided now was a good time to actually answer the questions and publish it. I found these questions on tumblr, but now I can’t find the original link. Thankfully, I took a screenshot of the questions.

So without further ado, here are my answers:

  1. What book are you currently reading?
    • Who Am I Without You? Fifty-Two Ways to Rebuild Self-Esteem After a Breakup by Christina G. Hibbert
    • Each of the 52 chapters has its own journal prompts to do as well, so I’m actually getting some writing done while I work to move on from the dissolution of my marriage.
  2. What book did you recently finish?
    • Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
    • This book has been on my to-be-read list for awhile and it came up as required reading for my class on Holocaust, so I finally got to check it off as read.
  3. What’s a book that has been on your to-read list for a long time?
    • Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
    • I’m not even sure why or when this joined my list, but I know that it has been there since high school. I just have not found the time to tackle that monster of a book.
  4. What’s the next book you are hoping to read?
    • Considering how huge my TBR list and how many books I have recently added, it is difficult to narrow that down. If I had to pick one book, it would be:
      • American Assassin by Vince Flynn
    • This is mostly because I am on a Dylan O’Brien kick right now. I have been working my way through his movies. I’m undecided if I want to watch the movie first or read the book. See my theory later.
  5. Is there a book you own, but aren’t planning on reading?
    • There are old English textbooks that I still own, but have not yet gotten rid of. Those will go once I finish my degree as I will probably never pick them up again.
  6. What was your favourite series as a kid? Would you still read it now?
    • Harry Potter by She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named*.
    • Yes, of course, I would read it again. I fully intend to read it out loud to my nephews when they are old enough.
      • *She shall not be named due to her recent transphobic remarks that she refuses to apologize for or learn from the community on.
  7. What is your favourite series now?
    • Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
    • Mostly this is on my favourite list because I have not yet finished reading it, but it is on my list when I have a lot of time. I intend to start from the first book and then continue until the end.
  8. Fantasy or sci-fi?
    • Fantasy is definitely more up my alley.
  9. What’s a book you want to buy?
    • I’m missing some books from some of my series that have been released in the past few years, but I think that the book I most want to buy right now is:
      • The Testaments by Margaret Atwood
    • The Handmaid’s Tale was fantastic and I’m stoked for the sequel.
  10. Have you ever judged a book by its cover?
    • Definitely, but normally in a good way for the author. If I see a cover that catches my eye, I will pick it up and read the summary.
    • However, I have never put a book back or purchased a book based simply on the cover.
  11. Have you ever bought a book because of who the author was?
    • Yes. I bought Casual Vacancy by She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. It was not fantastic, but it was not terrible either.
  12. Have you ever read a celebrity memoir? If so, whose was it?
    • I do not think I have. The closest I have probably gotten was a book by Chelsea Handler, but I couldn’t tell you which one.
  13. Are you a fan of autobiographies?
    • Meh. I’ve never really tried to read many autobiographies.
  14. Fiction or non-fiction?
    • I definitely prefer fiction.
  15. Favourite fiction genre?
    • Young adult tends to be my go-to.
  16. Favourite non-fiction genre?
    • Probably history, but I also like travel guides.
  17. Historical fiction: yea or nay?
  18. Do you read the book or watch the movie first?
    • In the past, I have almost always read the book before seeing the movie. However, for Atonement by Ian McEwan, I saw the movie first because I did not realize that there was a book for it until I was already sitting down to watch it.
    • I loved the movie, so I bought the book. I loved the book as well. I was shocked by how close they seemed.
    • I think that I thwarted my own expectations by seeing the film first. It allowed me to enjoy the movie and make less comparisons to the books. It may have been a one-off though.
    • I am going to see how that works for me when it comes to American Assassin by Vince Flynn and decide from there.
  19. Paperback or hardcover?
    • I do not have a preference as long as there is a book in my hands.
  20. Do you read e-books?
    • If I have to, such as when my textbooks are only available digitally or the library only has a digital copy of the book.
    • The only writing I consistently read the digital version of is fanfiction because it is often the only version available.
  21. How many bookshelves do you have?
    • I have 2. I will probably need a third eventually, but two is working for me for now.
  22. How do you organize your books?
    • I am not sure that I have a system. My ex-wife had a system that I didn’t really follow. I have yet to create my own system yet.
    • All I know is that series go together and so do all my Jodi Picoult books.
  23. Do you prefer borrowing books from friends, borrowing books from a library, or buying books?
    • I guess it depends. Right now, I prefer to buy because then I can hang on to the book forever, which is fantastic when I can’t take the time to read between all my homework and required readings.
    • However, if there is a book that I am curious about or have read before and want to re-read, I will request it from the library, rather than pay for it.
  24. How willing are you to lend your books to other people?
    • Depends on the book and the person.
    • I will never lend out my pristine copy of the Harry Potter books, but I will lend out the copies that are a bit worse for wear already.
    • For the most part, I am willing to lend my books out, but once you’ve failed to bring a book back, you are off the list.
  25. In what condition do you keep your books?
    • The best possible condition, but I also recognize that there is nothing wrong with a book that has a cracked spine or some slightly bent pages, etc. The book has been loved, maybe read repeatedly, and, for me, that says a lot more about a book that is in pristine condition.
  26. What’s your favourite book?
    • All-time favourite single book would be Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. It is always the first book that pops into my head when this question is asked besides a series that I have already named.
  27. What books can always make you cry?
    • Again, Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult, as well as various installments of the Harry Potter series.
  28. What books can always make you smile?
    • That list is way too long to be included in a single blog post, or even multiple posts.
    • If a character has a funny experience or triumphs, I will be smiling along with them guaranteed.
  29. What’s the biggest book you’ve ever read, and how many pages did it have?
    • It by Stephen King with 1,138 pages currently holds that title.
    • I was trying to see if I have any larger books on my list, but I can’t see any right now, so I think that It will hold that title for awhile anyway.
    • Oh, nevermind. I have the unabridged version of The Stand by Stephen King, which comes in at 1,152 pages. It is on my list to read as well, so It will lose out eventually.
  30. What character do you connect with the most?
    • I can’t pick just one because there are so many different options. It would depend on the book or series.
    • If I had to pick, probably Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.

Thanks for sticking around for the full 30 questions!

What are your answers? What was your favourite question?


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