A Blogger Recommends: Lesbian Content

I’m back, folks! Thank you for all your patience with me. School has been keeping me busy and unable to do much reading of my own choice.

Today, I wanted to share another recommendation as a blogger. This time, I will be recommending some lesbian content. I won’t bore you with my own musings, but will share away now.

  1. The Lesbian Review
    • Tagline: The Best f/f Books, Audiobooks, Music & Movies
    • Why I like it: This blog shares reviews of various types. It covers books, movies, music and audio books that have lesbian or f/f content in them. While I haven’t been able to check out most of the review that they share, the ones that I have checked out made it onto my ever-growing TBR list.
  2. Listening to Lesbians
    • Tagline: our voices matter
    • Why I like it: The blog shares things that are happening around the world to lesbians. While it mostly covers the discrimination and the violence, it is not focused on one country, like the US. It actually provides a look at lesbian lives and struggles around the world.
  3. A Femme Stratagem
    • Tagline: Lesbian Life Musings
    • Why I like it: This is relatively a new blog, but the author posts musing that they have had about their own life. One post is titled “It doesn’t bother me that I used to date men* so why does it bother straight people?” I dated men for a brief time (very, very brief) before I met my wife, so posts that dive into these small parts of lesbian life are great to check out.
  4. Lesbian interest
    • Tagline: Lesbian films list, webseries and TV shows
    • Why I like it: This recommendation is pretty self-explanatory, especially since it is a different variation of the first one on this list. Basically, I love me some lesbian content and am extremely happy to find people willing to recommend things that have that content.

Well, that is all for my recommendations this time! I hope you get a chance to check out some of these blogs and even follow up on some of the content that they post.

Let me know if you know a blog that I should mention here. If you want your lesbian-themed blog featured next time, please let me know. I would love to share information about your blog here.


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