Halloween Recommendation


Welcome back for a spooky recommendation to check out this Halloween.

Anyone who knows me, knows exactly how I feel about scary movies or tv shows. Not a huge fan. I only watched Scream 1 & 2 this past weekend. I still haven’t seen The Grudge or The Ring. If there is even a hint of scary music, I’m hiding my eyes behind my hands and plugging my ears. Jump scares make me scream, even if I have seen it before. Basically, I don’t get along with the horror genre.

That being said, my wife loves horror. Simply because I married her, I occasionally get sucked into watching something that I would never watch on my own. Short list of these include: The Conjuring, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, It, The Cabin in the Woods, Insidious, etc. She even convinced me to go see Paranormal Activity in at the movie theater. I slept curled up in a ball that night.

For the most part, I come out okay. Some sleepless nights or weird dreams, but I live and I can normally laugh about the movie the next day. Based on this, you can imagine my hesitation when she recommended a scary Netflix series, but then I watched it.

The Haunting of Hill House – Original Netflix Series

Haunting of Hill House

As I said above, horror and I don’t mix, but I loved this show. My wife and I binge-watched it as much as we could, considering our different schedules and my evening classes. 

I actually read the Shirley Jackson story that the series is loosely based on in my Horror Fiction class. Yes, books are my exception to the fear of scary things. I thought I had some idea going into the series what to expect. I was wrong. Completely and utterly wrong. 

This series flips the original story on its head and I loved every second of it. The characters were fascinating and drew me right into the story. They were compelling to watch as they deal with normal sibling issues, on top of their history of dwelling in a haunted house. The best part is that they don’t pretend like they are some perfect family. They argue and are childish. They don’t recognize their obvious flaws and it is great. 

I would recommend this show on the characters alone, but the plot is also pretty great. Even though some jump scares had me scream and my wife give me that “we live in an apartment” look. Totally worth it. It has a good amount of creep factor mixed in with emotional turmoil. The series moves between the characters in each episode, allowing different insights into what happened at Hill House when they were kids and what is happening around them now. 

Every night that we had to stop watching because it was getting too late, it was frustrating. All we wanted was to know what happened next. So I recommend everyone checking this out. I know that I will be rewatching it as soon as I can. 

You can find trailers here and here.

Have you seen the show? What did you think? Any recommendations of what to watch next? Let me know in the comments.


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