Top Ten Jodi Picoult Books

Welcome back to another Top Ten Tuesday!

One of my favourite authors is Jodi Picoult. She has written quite a few books, 24 to be exact, and I love her novels! Each book tackles a difficult conversation, such as abortion, designer babies or school shootings. She offers perspectives on different people in the situations, giving you a chance to form an opinion before tearing your heart out near the end. I have yet to read a novel by Jodi Picoult that I couldn’t put down. I haven’t read all 24, but they are all on my TBR list. They are all incredible stories filled with characters that are difficult to tear yourself away from.

Jodi Picoult

Based on all of this, I wanted to share my all-time top ten novels written by Jodi Picoult. These are actually in a particular order. I’ve started with the books that I love more than some and will end with my from my all-time favourite at number one.

10. Change of Heart – This story delves into the difference between the death penalty and a death sentence. It also sneaks in some interesting discussions on religion. It was a book that made me question my own beliefs regarding the death penalty.

9. Salem Falls – In this book, magic and accusations of sexual assault are combined to create a story that is heartbreaking on many levels. I found out after I read it that the book was made into a television movie. I’ve seen parts of the movie, but never the full thing.

8. Perfect Match – This novel covers the story of a family torn apart by sexual abuse allegations made by a child. The interactions between the family in the story are intense and create an interesting web, tightening with each difficult moment.

7. My Sister’s Keeper – I think most people have probably heard of this story before because it was made into a blockbuster film. Can I just say? I hate the movie. Well, not really, but the book and its ending are 100% better.

6. Lone Wolf – I’m not even sure how to describe this book, but there is a huge component of wildness. One of the main characters actually lives with wolves for a time. The description of this time is so vibrant and interesting. It is a huge part of why I love this story.

5. The Storyteller – If you enjoy stories about World War II mixed with present time, this is a book for you. It is equal parts heartbreaking and enlightening. The characters in this story undergo a much more internal struggle.

4. House Rules – This book is written revolving around the main character who is autistic and has an obsession with forensic science. The story itself is a murder mystery that has so many hidden plot points that the ending still shocks me to think about.

3. Leaving Time – At first when I was reviewing my stash of Jodi Picoult books, I couldn’t remember what this book was about. Then it came to me and I knew I had to put it near the top of the list. Like Lone Wolf, there is a piece of wildness to this story as well. This time, instead of wolves, it is elephants and a daughter in search of her missing mother.

2. Sing You Home – Religion and reproductive rights meet in the story as the main character tries to have a baby with her partner. I wondered for a long time if Jodi Picoult would ever cover a topic regarding queer identity and then she released this book. The copy I bought even includes a CD that can be played with certain parts of the book. Overall, the story and characters are both fantastic and I definitely recommend it.

And finally,

  1. Nineteen Minutes – This was the first Jodi Picoult book I ever read. It is the reason that I had to read more of her stories and why I have shed many tears. This novel is about a school shooting, the years that led up to it and the fallout afterward. I love everything about this novel. It makes you question what you believe and surprises you with a bit of a twist at the end. Whenever people ask me for a Jodi Picoult recommendation, this is always the one that I give. It is a heart-wrenching story and it will always be on my recommendation list.

You can find Jodi Picoult’s full list of books on her website.

Have you read any of these books in my top ten list? If so, do you agree with my list? What Jodi Picoult books would you have preferred to see in the top ten?


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