Top Ten Things That Should’ve Been in the Harry Potter Movies, But Weren’t

Back for another Top Ten Tuesday list and I decided to go back to my usual obsession: Harry Potter. Especially since today is Harry’s birthday. Happy 38th birthday, Harry.

In a very particular order, here are the Top 10 Things that should have been in the Harry Potter movies, but weren’t. **Spoilers ahead**

  1. Philosopher’s Stone – The potion logic puzzle protecting the Stone.
    • Hermione immediately takes over to beat this puzzle that Snape set out as protection for the Stone.
    • I mean, come on! Hagrid even mentions in the movie that Snape is one of the professors protecting the Stone, but then they don’t even deal with anything that he would have put down there. Irritating. It would have shown that books and logic are most assuredly important, even if friendship and bravery are also important.
  2. Chamber of Secrets – Ginny’s Valentine’s Day poem to Harry.
    • First of all, it is just adorable.
    • Second of all, it would have also allowed for the introduction of Peeves as he begins to sing parts of the poem afterwards.
    • Finally, the fan theory that Voldemort wrote the poem because only Death Eaters and Voldemort would have used ‘The Dark Lord’ is too awesome to be ignored.
  3. Prisoner of Azkaban – The origins of the Marauder’s Map.
    • The fact that they omitted the entire history of this map drives me crazy. I mean, James Potter, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew created a map of Hogwarts while they were still at school. Everything points to how difficult that sort of magic would be, but it is all brushed aside in the movie.
    • So is a lot of the back story of the Marauder’s. They deserved more, especially since three of four were in the film already.
  4. Prisoner of Azkaban – The Marauder’s Map insulting Snape.
    • I’m not a huge fan of bullying, but I would have loved to have seen the extended version of Snape trying to get into the Map. In the book, each of the Marauder’s insults Snape as he tries to open it up. This shows the further brilliance of this map, plus helps form the idea that Snape and the Marauders are definitely at odds.
  5. Goblet of Fire – Basically everything about Barty Crouch Jr.
    • I know, you were probably expecting “‘Did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire, Harry?’ Dumbledore asked calmly.” But this isn’t really as big of a deal for me. I enjoy seeing all the memes about it instead.
    • However, it honestly annoys me how much they cut about Barty Crouch Jr. We know next to nothing about his back story, but it is really important to the story. We see him go to Azkaban, but nobody wonders how he got out, especially after we see how big of a deal it is to break out in the third book/movie.
    • So yeah, that was all really frustrating, and it still makes me frustrated, so I have to stop now.
  6. Order of the Phoenix – The gift from Sirius to Harry
    • Sirius gives Harry a gift before he goes back to Hogwarts and tells him not to open them until Harry gets back to school. In the book, Harry puts the gift into his trunk and forgets about it. The gift is a set of mirrors that are connected. You can look through them and talk to the person who has the other set.
    • Harry doesn’t realize what the gift is until it is too late. Sirius is already gone. It is a devastating blow after the loss of his godfather. Harry realizes that he had a way to talk to Sirius that could have saved his life, but he didn’t even know that he had it. It is heartbreaking, so maybe it is good that it wasn’t in the film. It made the loss even harder to deal with.
  7. Half-Blood Prince – The back story on the Half-Blood Prince
    • I mean the book/movie is named after the Half-Blood Prince, but it is like a blip on the radar in the movie. In the book, Harry is focused on the mystery of who the Half-Blood Prince is. The trio does research to try to figure it out, but it is only after Snape has killed Dumbledore and is fleeing the castle with Draco and the Death Eaters that Harry finally finds out.
    • Snape dramatically reveals that he is the Half-Blood Prince after Harry attempts to use a spell of the Prince’s creation on him. It is revealed that Snape’s dad was a Muggle and his mom was a Pureblood with the last name Prince, making him a Half-Blood Prince.
    • But apparently, Snape just wanted to have a book/movie named after him with no back story involved.
  8. Half-Blood Prince – We need so much more information on Horcruxes and the Battle in the Tower
    • Okay, this is a bit two in one, but they are both missing a lot of things.
    • Horcruxes
      • We miss so many of the memories that Dumbledore shows Harry in the book. We never even find out why Dumbledore’s hand is all black and crumbly. We also don’t get any real explanation of Tom Riddle’s back story and how he ended up in an orphanage, thus explaining why the cave is important enough to hide a Horcrux in.
      • Just all these things are missing. Plus some that I definitely missed, but this is a good start.
    • Battle outside the Tower
      • First all, it was left out that there even was a battle outside of the Astronomy Tower. Like, the Order of the Phoenix was there taking care of business, fighting off Death Eaters like badasses. Plus Hermione, Ron and some of the Dumbledore’s Army members are there after splitting the Felix Felicities with Harry before he took off with Dumbledore.
      • Not to mention that Bill Weasley is attacked by Fenrir Greyback during this battle and gets some wolfie genes, but all of that is cut. Blah.
  9. Deathly Hallows – Harry steals Moody’s eye
    • Harry finds Mad Eye Moody’s magical eye when they break into the Ministry. It is affixed to Dolores Umbridge’s door. In the movie, he leaves it, but in the book, he steals it. It is what alerts the Ministry that there is a intruder, but it also shows that Harry is willing to risk his life to protect one of his own, even if only a part of them. I think that leaving it there in the movie in order to protect his cover isn’t really in line with Harry’s character and I would have liked to see him rescue Moody’s eye.
  10. Deathly Hallows – The Elder Wand
    • Freaking Harry Potter just throws away the Elder Wand. He should have fixed his own wand like he was supposed to and laid the Elder Wand back to rest with Dumbledore. Just unceremoniously dumps it over the side of a random bridge. For goodness sakes, boy, get your shit together.

Some honourable mentions

  • SPEW – Society and Promotion of Elfish Welfare
  • Peeves
  • Need more House Elf love, especially for Dobby – he deserved so much more screen time
  • The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore by Rita Skeeter

I know that movies have to operate differently than books, but still. This is my wish list and I am sticking to it.

Let me know what you think should have been in the movies, but wasn’t. Did I miss something? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Things That Should’ve Been in the Harry Potter Movies, But Weren’t

  1. Yesss! #1 and #7 were so annoying! I watched the movie first for the Half-Blood Prince and was totally confused. The only explanation was that Snape was the prince… I was just thinking “Okay, but why?”

    1. I know exactly what you mean! I had already read the book when it came out, but my sister hadn’t and she was confused. It should have been in the movie! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

  2. I honestly hated Peeves throughout the books so I was happy he was never included in the movies. But I wish there was more on SPEW and dobby showing up way more! (Like he was the one who gave harry the gillyweed)!

    1. Exactly! Dobby deserved way more screen time. I think that one of the reasons that I missed Peeves actually has more to do with the scene when Fred and George finally leave Hogwarts. They tell him to give Umbridge hell and he is more than happy to listen, even though the only one he ever listens to the Bloody Baron. I know what you mean though. Peeves was annoying. I just think that we couldn’t have the scene with Forge and Gred unless we had Peeves throughout and I really wanted that scene.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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