Queer Potterhead Recommendation

So I figure now is a good time to let you see how much of a queer Potterhead I am. I take my Harry Potter seriously. I thoroughly enjoy the books and movies. I also love reading fanfiction. I know that some people don’t like fanfiction, but frankly, that is their loss. There are some pretty incredible works out there.

Which brings me to my recommendation for this week. It is time for you all to meet the extremely talented TT of The Boy Who Lived tumblr. TT runs a tumblr that is essentially based around the Harry Potter series and they regularly cosplay as different characters in the series.

I was lucky enough to stumble onto their blog back in April as The Snowball Effect was being released. And The Snowball Effect, my lovely readers, is my recommendation. It is a Mauraders-era story that contains text and GIFs. Basically it follows my newest obsession, Wolfstar, or for those unfamiliar with Harry Potter fanfiction, Remus and Sirius.

I don’t really read fanfiction that follows canon, but I mean, who is to say that this never happened. That’s all I am saying.

You can find the master post for The Snowball Effect here. While you are over there, please check out all of TT’s other masterpieces.


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