Amplify Those Voices

In the continued vein of Pride Month, my recommendation this week is going amplify the voices of one of those communities.

Normally, I recommend an app or a podcast. However, I’m stepping away from that this week and recommending a book.

So without further adieu: To my Trans Sisters edited by Charlie Craggs.

Trans Sisters

This book is a collection of letters written by trans women for their trans sisters. It shares personal experiences and advice from people who have actually experienced what it is like to be trans. This is not the book of a well-meaning cis-person, trying to have their voice heard. The book does have a disclaimer in the introduction that the language used throughout the book is specific to these women’s lived experiences.

The reason I’m recommending it, not reviewing it, is because my voice will not add anything to the conversation.

Could I review this book? Yes. Should I? I don’t think so. As a cisgender woman, the book is not written for me. My voice is not important to discuss regarding this book, but I wanted to take some time to share this book. I want to spread the word and amplify the voices of those in this community.

To purchase the book, click here. You can follow Charlie Craggs on Twitter here.

Have you read it? What did you think?


2 thoughts on “Amplify Those Voices

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