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Fly Your Pride High

Hey everyone,

Pride Month officially starts on Friday! This is pretty exciting because I have a whole host of posts that I am excited to share with you.

To say goodbye to my mini-May-Pride, I would like to offer a recommendation of a web series that is pretty awesome. It is a mash up of some things I definitely enjoy: vampires, romance, heroics and, of course, lesbians. As if that last one wasn’t already obvious.

If you haven’t already guessed what I am about to recommend, here it comes: Carmilla!

This is a web series that is filmed via a single frame by some amazing Canadian creators and in recent years, it has truly garnered a huge fan base. It was originally released in 2014 on YouTube. All the episodes are still currently available.

Laura is filming a project for one of her journalism classes when strange things begin to happen on her university campus. Her first roommate goes missing, even though no one wants to deal with it. Then Laura gets a new roommate in Carmilla, who is a little different from your average student.

The story has an eclectic mix of supernatural story lines mixed with the more common, but just as complex, drama that comes with being a student. Throw in a little lesbian pining and it creates a little escape to the fantasy side of life.

The show stars Elise Bauman as Laura and Natasha Negovanlis as Carmilla. Elisa and Natasha interact wonderfully together, portraying their characters brilliantly. I have not finished the second season yet, but it promises a whole new set of troubles of the group that they have cultivated.

I strongly recommend checking out this well-produced web series. Here is the link to Season One, Episode One and here is the link to the playlist of Season One. Season Two’s playlist link is here and Season Three’s playlist can be found here.




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