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Today’s Discussion Topic: What is your earliest memory?

This one is a difficult because there are things I remember, but I’m unsure what actually comes before and also, I’m not sure what I’ve envisioned from hearing family stories and what I have actually remembered.

One of the earliest is a crystal candy dish that belonged to a neighbour. I don’t remember the type of candy or even which house I lived in at the time, but I remember the candy dish. It sat on an ornate wooden table and the dish was beautiful. It actually reminds me of a dish that Ashleigh and I have in our own home that we got from Ashleigh’s grandparents. I think that this as far back as I can actually remember. I have asked my mom about it and she did say that a neighbour did have a crystal candy dish.

I know that isn’t much of an actual memory, but it is the earliest that I can remember back. Today’s post is going to be a bit shorter than normal, as I have some homework to attend to. So that is all for now, folks!