Anywhere in the World

I’m a little late today. Mostly because I got a bit distracted throughout the day. We had to adult a bit today to make sure that we are ready for the week ahead and then we went for a two hour walk/adventure.

Also, just a thank you for those who read my blog from yesterday. I was stuck in a bit of darkness yesterday and it made getting up the motivation to even write the blog.

Today’s Discussion Topic: Where would you like to visit/live one day?

This is a two part question for me because there are places I would love to visit, but wouldn’t want to live.

Here are the places I would love to visit:

  • Orlando, Florida – Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  • Italy, specifically Rome, Venice and Pompeii
  • Paris
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom – especially any Harry Potter hotspots
  • Thailand
  • Philippines
  • Costa Rica
  • Peru
  • San Francisco
  • Australia
  • Montreal, QC
  • All over Canada – all 10 provinces and 3 territories – there are specific cities that I would love to visit, but to list them all would be crazy. I just want to see all of the country that I am so proud to be a citizen of.

Here are some places that I would love to live, even if only for a year:

  • Vancouver, BC
  • New Zealand
  • Toronto, ON

I think it goes without saying that the places I want to live eventually are also places I would like to visit. For the most part, Ashleigh and I have the same list of places to go. I’m sure that there are places she would add to this list, but we have a full life together ahead of us to plan all the trips we cannot wait to go on. Something tells me that we may be crossing one of these off our list before the year is out.

That’s all for now, folks! Have a good night!


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