If you enjoy something…

Today’s Discussion Topic: What is your guilty pleasure?

“If you enjoy something, there is nothing to feel guilty about.” – Busy Phillips

My motivation for writing this post has been at zero percent all day long. I’m not really sure why, but I will do my best to keep this post from being too boring. I can think of three guilty pleasures off the top of my head.

  1. DQ ice cream cake – these are the greatest things of life. I can buy and eat one of these things all to myself over a couple of days. I know I shouldn’t. I know they are basically just sugar and dairy, but they are sooooooo good. Well, except the chocolate crumble and fudge. That is just too much chocolate for me. I like the ice cream part of the cake and if I could get the cake with just the ice cream, I totally would.
  2. Disney flicks/Titanic and similar movies – I love Disney movies. I actually want to have a whole collection of Disney movies, but they are so expensive, I can’t justify buying them, even to myself. So I make do with what I can watch on Netflix or borrow from my friends and family. This also applies to movies that are romantic and sappy. Titanic is first on that list. I will be honest. The last weekend that Ashleigh was away for school, I watched this movie three times. It doesn’t matter that I can probably quote the entire movie to you, I love it. This goes along with movies like Rent, Atonement, etc. Basically any movie that Ashleigh hates is one that I deem binge-worthy. I’m pretty sure that my dad will be happy if he never has to watch Titanic again because of how often I made him watch it with me when I was younger.
  3. Fanfiction – Let me start this with: I wrote fanfiction when I was younger. It was a good outlet for me when I wasn’t really sure what my own ideas were. It helped to have fully developed characters just waiting to be given a conflict of some type or change the narrator from one main character to the other. Then for a few years, I fell out of the fanfiction world because I was developing my own voice and it kept getting lost in the fully-created characters I was using. Recently, I found my way back to fanfiction as a reader and I love it. I love reading the experimentation of other writers with characters I already know and love. Anything that finds its spot in the Harry Potter universe is okay by me, but I have my preferred couples or ships. Personally, I really enjoy Dramione (if you don’t know what that is, I’m not going to tell you). I find that fanfiction allows me to experience parts of the characters through the views of other fans.

Those are my guilty pleasures. That’s all for now.


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