Day 7: Playing with the past

Today’s Discussion Topic: What were your favourite childhood toys?

Well here is a blast from the past and I’m not really sure where to begin. I’m sure that I had some of the classic staples of childhood toys, but when I look back now, there is a sea of books with me in the middle. Reading has always been a passion of mine and that started from a young age. I’m pretty sure I have a keepsake somewhere of all the books I was read or read as a young child. My dad kept track for me and there is a notebook filled with pages and pages of books. Many of these books are ones that I will eventually read to my own children. The value of reading is one that I hope to instill in them.

I do know that we had Barbies in our house and I did enjoy playing house occasionally and marrying off Barbie off to anyone but Ken.  Mostly, the heads came off the bodies and a round of Barbie baseball would ensure.

I’m not really sure if games count under the toys heading, but I loved and still love the game of Clue. I developed some good habits to get me a win almost every time after years of playing the game just by myself in my room. Yes, I was that kid who played as at least two different players in order to have a game by myself. You can ask my wife how good this has helped me get at playing Clue.

Since I’m already on the subject of games, two family favourites in our house were Skip-Bo and Trouble. We loved playing these games and we would play them often. When we would come home at lunch in elementary school, sometimes we would have a quick game of Trouble, or at least play until we had to leave.

I’m sure that there are a lot of toys that I played with as a child, but I am really drawing a blank here. Like I said, I was more interested in reading than playing. Books have always been a safe retreat from the outside world for me. Sometimes you can experience heartbreak, but there is always more happiness to be found.

What were your favourite childhood toys?


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