Day 5: Let’s talk about food, baby!

Today’s Discussion Topic: What are your favourite comfort foods, and why? (Side note: I’m Canadian, so yes, it is spelt favourite)

One of my favourite comfort foods is Raspberry Sobert. Mostly I just love raspberry flavoured things. Candy, drinks, etc. Though I tried an alcoholic beverage last night at supper that was raspberry and alcohol ruins all that. I’m not an alcohol person at all. I don’t drink often, but I thought I would try this drink out. Never again.

Some of my other comfort foods include shrimp, fried mushrooms and pepperoni and mushroom pizza from Boston Pizza. Also, their bacon-wrapped steak skewers are pretty amazing. Mostly these are foods that I love and I love the way they taste. They make me feel better.


In a totally unrelated topic: if you have not seen The Hunting Ground (it is on Netflix), you should go watch it right now. There will be a post on this documentary in the future because I have way too much to say about it in just this post and I’m too angry about it right now.

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