Day 3 – Moving Forward

Woot! 3 days in a row, I have made a post. While that is exciting enough, people seem to actually be reading them. So shout out to the people reading my blog posts. You are part of the reason I continue to be motivated to write them. Thank you for your attention. ☺

Today’s Discussion Topic: What are your top 5 pet peeves?

Okay, so these 5 aren’t in any particular order. I just wrote them down as I thought of them. I don’t exactly have a list of pet peeves, though I work with someone who does, so I can probably get some ideas from him.

1. Not hanging towels up
This goes for tea towels, dish towels, bath towels, etc and there are 2 parts to this.
The first is that wet bath towels NEED to be hung up. They should not lay on the bed once you are done with it. Not only will it leave your bed damp in that area, but the towel won’t dry and then you can’t use it the next day.
The second part is that once a tea or dish towel has been used to dry something, it should not just sit on the counter. Part of this is because the counters are probably dirty and don’t need more clutter and the other part is that the towel needs to dry.
Ashleigh knows just how much this one drives me crazy, having been on the other side of my anger for about 5 years when it comes to wet bath towels on the bed. If you’re reading this, Ash, I love you no matter how many times you do this.

2. People who ask a question, but then interrupt when you try to answer
One of the requirements of my day job is answering phones. At my previous position, I spent basically my entire day on the phone. It drives me crazy when someone will call and ask a question, then when I try to answer their question, they interrupt me to ask a question about the information I haven’t even finished giving them yet. Sometimes I just want to say ‘if you would let me finish, I would have answered all the questions you have interrupted me to ask without you saying another word.’ That is a huge pet peeve of mine because often I’m going to give most of the answers if I’m allowed to finish talking.

3. People who don’t read signs
This applies to all signs, but lately to one sign in particular. At my job, I put up a sign asking people to go to the second window. I did this because I can’t see people at the first window if I’m working at my desk as there is a wall blocking my view. So I put this sign up with arrows pointing to the other window and everything. People will walk into the office, see the sign and just stand and stare at the sign. They won’t go to the other window. Some people just move over slightly to the divider between the two windows, which believe it or not, I still can’t see through. I know this because there is another clerk who can see both windows and if she is on the phone, she will have to ask me to help people because they are standing at the first window, looking at the sign or at the divider.
In a more common sense, people who don’t pay attention to yield signs or stop signs. Or who try to drive straight in the left turn lane. Read the signs, people! That’s what they are there for.
This is separate from above, but equally important: Use your signal lights, people!

4. The Anti-Choice (AKA”Pro-life”) Movement
I try really hard not to judge people, but this movement and the hypocrisy that surrounds it gets on my last nerve. Everything about them drives me crazy from when they protest outside of clinics, harassing the women going inside, to the fairly across the board belief that family planning is best done through abstinence. I could write an entire post about this anti-choice movement, but I’m going it leave it here for today. Maybe another time.

5. Misuse or misspellings of your/you’re and there/their/they’re
I’m sure that I’m not the only one that hates reading through comment sections to see someone write ‘Your a jerk’ or ‘There reasoning makes sense’. For me, if you make this mistake, I’m moving past your comment. I cannot take people who do this seriously, even if they’re making a good point in an online debate. And if it isn’t bad enough to see it on the internet, I hate when I see it at work in the notes on someone’s file. Seriously? Please go back to high school and learn the difference between your/you’re and there/their/they’re. I mean come on, you’re a professional. Try and write like it.

Well those are my top 5 pet peeves. Thank you for tuning in again.

Now, I want to get to know you a bit. What are your top 5 pet peeves? Do you share any of mine? Tell me all about it.


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