Trying Something New


So 2015 begins and I’m trying to come back to blogging. I have sort of fallen of the wagon in regards to my blog and I want to come back to it.

I have also fallen off the eating healthy and exercising wagon. I want to get back to that too. Especially now that Ashleigh and I are planning our wedding for November 2015.

In other words, I will very busy this coming year between work, school and planning a wedding. I want to be able to share my experiences over the next year. Everything from finding my way back to healthy habits, planning a lesbian wedding in Saskatchewan and trying to work through my anxiety about cooking and find new recipes to try.

That is where I am starting tonight. Ashleigh and I, along with her little sister, went to my Dad and Wicked’s for supper. I want to surprise the family with something I hadn’t done before. I had previously found a recipe for a shrimp appetizer in a magazine that I wanted to try and also a recipe for a S’mores dessert. I had Ashleigh pick up all the ingredients yesterday and after I had a wonderful nap at Ashleigh’s dads house, I got to cooking.

The shrimp recipe said it would only take 30 minutes, so I started with the Peanut Butter S’mores Bars ( ). There were couple of rough parts to the process for me where I didn’t fully understand the instructions, but I got through them. I’m not really a cook or baker as I’m sure you gathered if you have read my blog about Whole30. I’m a perfectionist and if a recipe does not turn out the way I imagine it should, I feel like a failure. Part of this challenge for me was to not feel that way no matter how it turned out.

I put the bars in the oven and moved on to the New Orleans-Style BBQ Shrimp ( The recipe was easy enough to follow. The only alteration I made was that I didn’t add thyme because we didn’t have any. The one thing that I would change about the way that I did it is that I would have mixed the shrimp with the stuff in the bowl before I started cooking the mixture on the stove.

Then we were off to my Dad’s to let the guinea pigs loose on my first attempt at bringing dishes that I made. The shrimp came out first and were a big hit. So that was a self-esteem boost and made me feel much better about the dessert I brought. After tasting the shrimp myself, I know that I will be making it again. It is one of the best shrimp recipes I’ve ever had and I made it which made me feel great.

Then we had an awesome supper of lasagna, caesar salad and garlic bread. Finally, it was time for dessert. The good news is that everyone loved it. It was a bit hard to cut and serve it, so the next time that I make it, I will have to work on that part. I don’t think that I crushed the graham crackers enough, so I will see if that changes anything.

Well I am signing off for now.


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