Day Thirty: Last Day!!

It was a late morning today, but I eventually got out of bed to get a move on. It is the last day and that was a nice push to get up. I missed the breakfast time today, so for lunch, I had a chicken salad.

It is the last day for my exercises, so that is a nice thought. First, I did the 50 pushups. They actually went quite well. I also tried to do a pushup that was not modified. That did not go so well. I can go down, but I can’t get back up. Something to work on in the future. Up next, I did 150 crunches. That was rough, but I got through it. Finally, I did the 250 squats. Those were even more rough than the crunches. But I got through them! I did it. I finally did it and got it all done!

Below is a picture of my last meal that I am required to be Whole30 compliant for:


Delicious chicken, amazing asparagus and spinach prepared by my lovely and supportive partner, Ashleigh.

It has been a whirlwind of a 30 days.

Until tomorrow!

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