Day Twenty-Nine: Success Stories

Two days left! The excitement is almost overwhelming. I know that I feel good, but I want to see some tangible results in the form of weight loss. So that will be Sunday morning.

For breakfast, I had eggs with spinach. Sadly, I ran out of taco-seasoned meat, so that is something I will have to make more of. The eggs just seem bland without taco-seasoned ground beef/chicken.

My Whole30 email today is about success stories. More importantly, it is about writing my own success story and why it is such an important part of the Whole30 experience. Here is what they said:

“Your success story will create a concrete narrative that will serve as a way for you to look back and view the big picture of your Whole30 journey. Not only does your success story lay out where you’ve been and how you got there, but it creates a map for you to emulate your results in the future. By creating your own success story, you are giving yourself a plan to follow and a way to quantify your accomplishments.”

Here is the worksheet I am going to use to help write my story: this Whole30 AAR worksheet. There is also the following general template:

  • This is what my life used to be like. Maybe you started your Whole30 overweight, under-slept, depressed, or suffering from a medical condition. Describe the factors that led you to want to undertake a lifestyle change like the Whole30.
  • This is how I found the Whole30. This doesn’t have to be long, but share how you found us—through a friend, a book recommendation, or by chance.
  • During my Whole30 experience… Tell us how you felt during the Whole30, either week-by-week, or in a big picture sentiment (“at first it was hard, but by week two it felt like second nature”). If things started to get better, describe when and how.
  • Now that I’ve finished my Whole30… Share your results, looking back on how your life used to be, and noting how different things are now. This is the part where you get to brag about all you’ve accomplished, so be detailed, and proud of your success!
  • Now, share your story! If you want to write your success story just for you, that’s perfectly fine. But you never know who you’ll inspire with your story—and sharing the healthy message of the Whole30 is one way you can pass on your good feelings to others. So consider submitting your success story on our Whole30 forum when you’re done!

I will be posting my success story on Day 31 in a separate post, so watch for that.

For lunch, I had some balsamic chicken, seasoned chicken and an apple.

So I did my exercises at work today. Mostly anyway. First of all, I did the 45 second plank. I thought it would start getting better, but it does not seem to be. I will keep trying though. Up next, I did the 45 pushups. Those went really well actually. I was quite surprised. Then, it was the 145 crunches. Not sure how I felt about those today, but I only have one more day of them. Finally, I did 240 squats. It took a long while to do them and Ashleigh helped me through the last 60.

For supper, I had a salad with chicken. Ashleigh and I also did a bit of shopping for dairy for the reintroduction on Sunday. We also bought some bacon with no added anything from Clancy’s Meat Co. ( So that will be a nice breakfast sometime this weekend.

Only 1 day left!

Until tomorrow!

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