Day Twenty-Eight

Three full days left!! I’m extremely excited at the concept that I will have successfully completed the Whole30 for a full 30 days with no slips and no cheats. I think I finally have my motivation back, despite the fact that I went to bed late last night and slept in this morning. I just feel better about things.

For breakfast, I had eggs with taco-seasoned ground chicken. This is still a favorite of mine and I will probably continue to eat it for breakfast in the future.

My exercises today are 45 pushups. This means rest day for plank, squats and crunches before pushing to the finale tomorrow and Saturday. I slowly worked through my pushups. They do seem to be getting slightly better if I take my time.

My Whole30 email today is a reminder that no everyone is ready to do the Whole30 or wants to do it. It is also a reminder that you cannot convince people to change if they are not ready.

Three Ways Your Whole30 Can Bum You Out

Sometimes, in trying your hardest to share your experience with others and keep on with your own journey towards a new, healthy relationship with food, you can fall into traps—traps that turn your Whole30 into a big bummer. Steer clear of these three profiles!

  • The Crusader. This person loudly preaches the Whole30 at every opportunity, to anyone within earshot… and often ends up doing nothing but annoying friends and family with their level of perceived fanaticism. This leads to isolation—people don’t want to eat with you if you’re always criticizing their food choices, or acting smug with your healthy plate.
  • The Secret Follower. You’re loving your new food choices, but have decided it’s more trouble than it’s worth to try to explain why you’re doing what you’re doing. So… you hide it. When offered bread, you say, “No, I’m good, I had a sandwich earlier.” When invited to a pot-luck, you bring Paleo brownies, but don’t tell anyone they’re gluten-free. This behavior only serves to isolate you in your new food habits.
  • The Hermit. You’re feeling so good, you’re just terrified to go off-plan. So, you stay inside and cook in your own kitchen, where it’s safe. Pizza night with the girls is far too tempting, even though you could order a salad. Dinner at Mom’s is highly suspect, so you feign a sore throat. And yes, you guessed it—this behavior is the most isolating of all.

Don’t fall into any of these Whole30 traps. Lead by quiet example. Be confident in your choices, and stand up for your right to eat foods you think are healthy. Seek socialization, not isolation, and your Whole30 (and beyond) will be that much more fulfilling.

Source: Dr. Anastasia Boulais,

I hope I haven’t fallen into any of these traps, but I do not feel that I have.

For lunch, I had taco-seasoned ground chicken with salad. It was yummy.

For supper, I had balsamic chicken with some raspberries.

Until tomorrow.


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