Day Twenty-Six

I do not have a lot to say about today either. My motivation is at 0%. I did go to a Remembrance Day ceremony, but that was about as far as that got me today.

For breakfast, I had eggs with ground chicken (taco seasoned). For lunch, I had spinach. For supper, I had balsamic chicken with some spinach and raspberries.

I did do my exercises, but they took a long while. I started with 40 pushups, but I changed them up with 135 crunches. For every 5 pushups, I did 20 crunches. That was a nice change up, so I will probably continue to mix it up like that. Then I had the 45 second plank. No new report on that except that I’m not going to be moving forward from 45 seconds until I feel I am ready to move to 1 minute. I have decided that pushing too fast will only end up with me not succeeding where the plank in concern. Finally, I did the 220 squats. Those took forever and were painful. I got them finished though, with a little motivation from Ashleigh.

I’m hoping tomorrow I will finally have my motivation back because I have a French test. So…

Until tomorrow!


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