Day Nineteen: Good Food

Alright, so here we go again. I bet you faithful readers are probably wondering ‘When is this girl finally going to shut up?’ Only kidding. I know you are all awesome and totally supportive. I really, really, really appreciate it! Especially today.

*Minor Menstruation Information (MMI) Ahead – if you do not want to read it, skip past the next bolded area*

It happens to be that time of the month now. While I am tired and a little cranky, I have never felt better on my period. Ever since I first got it, I have had cramps and, while on birth control, a lot of discomfort. But this month, nothing! No cramps! No discomfort! This is honestly the best thing in the world. I have never felt this good at this time of the month. I’m lacking a bit on the energy side, but I’m not curled into a ball on the bathroom floor, so I’m doing pretty awesome.


So I was a bit groggy, but I did get up and do my exercises. I started as always with the 25 pushups. They were okay today. A little bit of stress on my shoulder, but not horrible. Up next was 110 crunches. I was sore doing those today, but I powered through. Then it was time to do my 160 squats. Those were a killer this morning, but I did them. Woot! Finally, it was the 20 second plank. I did decide to follow the program exactly rather than speed through it. There would be no point to starting over if all I did was rush through it.

For breakfast, it was a repeat of yesterday: delicious ground beef with eggs. That has turned out to be an experiment gone perfectly. All I can do is thank Ashleigh for the idea.

For lunch, I had a lettuce, tomato and cucumber salad with ground beef. It was wonderful once again.

My Whole30 email today is about buying good food. First things first, a lot of the information is veered towards a USA audience and, therefore, of no use to me. However, there was a general reminder to buy seasonal when it comes to your veggies and fruits. I have attached the seasonal produce guide below.

Whole30 Seasonal Produce Guide

Buying vegetables and fruits in season ensures tastier, fresher, less expensive produce. Also includes recommendations for buying organic.

– See more at:

There is also a guide to shopping well when it comes to ‘Health Food Claims‘.

From their website: “You may think you’re a good shopper, smartly navigating the periphery of the supermarket, stepping into the aisles only for healthy fats and pantry staples, and reading labels like it’s your full-time job. But even the savvies consumer falls prey to health food claims—especially when they sound so true, and play to our health-conscious concerns. Buyer beware, especially when you see this:

  • A good source of fiber: A number of food marketers now claim their products are a good source of fiber, but C.S.P.I. (Center for Science in the Public Interest ) notes that often the fiber doesn’t come from the traditional sources—vegetables or fruit—known to have health benefits. Instead, food makers are adding something called “isolated fibers” made from chicory root or purified powders of polydextrose and other substances that haven’t been shown to lower blood sugar or cholesterol.
  • Strengthens your immune system: Through “clever wordsmithing,” food companies can skirt F.D.A. rules about health claims and give consumers the impression that a product will ward off disease. Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice claims to “strengthen your immune system with a daily dose of vitamin C.” Green Giant offers an “immunity blend” of frozen vegetables. And Nestle’s Carnation Instant Breakfast (!) says it contains “Antioxidants to help support the immune system.” Really?
  • Made with real fruit: Often the “real fruit” is found in small quantities and isn’t even the same kind of fruit pictured on the package. Tropical fruit flavored Gerber Graduates Fruit Juice Treats show pictures of fresh oranges and pineapple. But the main ingredients are corn syrup, sugar and white grape juice concentrate. Betty Crocker’s Strawberry Splash Fruit Gushers don’t contain strawberries — just pear concentrate.
  • All natural: Although the F.D.A. has issued several warning letters to firms making misleading “all natural” claims, the agency has never issued formal rules about the term. As a result, some products containing high fructose corn syrup claim to be “all natural.” One example is Minute Maid Premium All Natural Flavors Berry Punch. Though glucose and fructose certainly occur in nature, the chemical conversions of cornstarch should not be considered natural!

Source: NY Times

Read more about health food claims in this Whole9 article.”

For supper, I had balsamic chicken, a quick throw together meal because I mis-planned my meals. I have not yet grasped the idea of planning my meals ahead. Also I am out of veggies. Shopping trip soon!

It was off to my English class, finished essay in hand. I wrote my essay on Edgar Allen Poe, my favourite horror fiction author. It was alright, but I wish I had more space to write more, but it was only 1000 pages long.

I did walk up and down the 4 flights of stairs today, so that was awesome.

Until tomorrow!

One thought on “Day Nineteen: Good Food

  1. Heather Anderson

    Great news Jessica. It’s benefits like you are experiencing the made me addicted to this lifestyle. Also, congratulations on figuring out you need to restart the planks. You are better off listening to your body and restarting than quitting all together. Keep up the great work!

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