Day Seventeen: Changing it up

If I thought I slept in yesterday, I really slept in today, but it was totally worth it. Then it was time to get up and do my exercises.

First up was 20 pushups. They were okay. They are still causing my shoulder a bit of grief, but not as much.  Then it was on to the 100 crunches. Those went really well. Finally, there was 150 squats and they went really well. I stayed strong the entire time.

It was too late for breakfast at that time. So for lunch, I had salad with chicken and taco beef. It was a repeat of last night, but still very good. I also made my own taco seasoning with Mom’s recipe. It was excellent and I have extra.

I attempted the 2 minute plank and did horribly again today. So in lieu of two crappy plank days in a row. I am starting the plank challenge over again as of tomorrow. I think I moved too quickly on this and it is time for a reset. I’m hoping that this will allow me to work up to the two-minute mark plus in a way that works for my body.

For my Whole30 email today, I received some information about adding some more variety to my diet. This included recipes on how to make mayo, dressings and sauces. I’m excited to try some of them for sure and will let you know how they turn out when I do end up giving them a chance.

For supper, we were at Ashleigh’s dad’s house. That presented a new set of challenges and a lot of walking them through what I can and cannot eat. Plus I brought my own spinach. They were extremely accommodating. They only used spices on the steak that I could have, set aside some mashed potatoes that were nothing, but potatoes and made peas without butter or anything else. It was a very good experience.

Until tomorrow!

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