Day Eleven: Exercise

I slept in on purpose today because I know that I have a dentist appointment and didn’t want to leave my bed. But eventually, I got up and did my 15 pushups. I find it helps to take a short break (read 10 seconds or less) between each set of 5. It takes a bit of pressure off and lets me get through without as much pain. Then I did my 70 crunches, which is actually staying fairly easy in comparison to the rest of the exercises.

Up next, 110 squats. I felt the burn after about 25 today, but I pushed through and got it done.

Finally, I attempted the 1 minute plank, but I collapsed after 45 seconds. I did do the other 15, but I’m going to try again later today. I think the pushups and plank may still be too close for my shoulder to handle.

Before rushing off to the dreaded dentist, I made three eggs for breakfast. I had to eat them in the car sitting outside the dental office. And can I just say, I hate the dentist. It is basically just paying to be tortured. There is no pain worse than tooth pain. But I pushed through to run to Costco to stock up.


My fridge is full of healthy foods. I bought two 2.5 lbs bags of celery. I used one bag for snacks and the other I chopped up to freeze. I also finished cutting up my cauliflower. I have not yet divided up the fruit, but that will come. My freezer is now filled to the brim. Lots of chicken to cook and frozen veggies for on the road.

I went home for a lovely lunch of balsamic chicken. Okay, I am finally starting to get bored of this dish. But that’s alright. I have big plans for my meals tomorrow.

Then it was off to my massage appointment which was amazing. Huge props to Georgia at Essence Organic Hair and Day Spa. She is amazing. My body feels so good. She focused on my legs, lower back and my right shoulder. After the massage, she also gave me some stretches to make sure I do before and after my exercises and three other times during the day if possible. If you need a massage, see Georgia.

It is currently snowing out. Thankfully, nothing seems to be sticking to the ground, so that helps with the winter blues. So does Olivia curled up to me looking all sweet.

Something else that helps with the winter blues is the new thing I started:

A visual reminder of what I’m aiming for. Once I have completed the 30 challenge, I will get to moving the pieces. I hope by then to have a nicer presentation, but that is for later.

I never did try the plank again today. I will have to try it again tomorrow and see how I do now that I have these extra stretches.

For supper, you guessed it, I had… only kidding. No balsamic chicken for supper tonight. Instead, I made Melissa Joulwan’s Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat, Ever recipe which I posted about yesterday. Here are a few photos from my adventure.


This is the chicken halfway through the brining process. It does look gross, but whatever. It gets rinsed off at the end anyway.


The spice blend I put on the chicken before it got mixed up.


The chicken coated before going into the oven.


The Moroccan Dipping Sauce I did as per the recipe.


The chicken after it came out of the oven. 45 minutes at 400 degrees.

The verdict: it was incredible! A little spicy, but I will just put less of the mix on next time. The chicken was still extremely moist and was just amazing. I recommend this recipe to anyone and everyone. Don’t leave out the brining process, even if you only do it once.

I won’t spend much time on this, but my Whole30 email today was about exercise and how I should start adding it in. I laugh in the face of you mortals not doing exercise up until this point. Just kidding, my body aches. Well not really, but it does when I exercise. It especially ached after the first day. It seems to be adapting quite well though to everything I’m putting it through. Go, body, go, body, go, go, go body! That’s my cheer for this evening. And with that, I’m signing off.

Until tomorrow, another day of leftovers and exercise. 🙂


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