Day Nine: On the Road

Alright, so I had a late night last night, so I was up late this morning. But once I was up, I got right to my exercises.

Today I started with 10 pushups which were a little hard on the shoulder, but it is still doing what it is supposed to do without too much pain.

Then it was the 1 minute plank which was horrible. I thought I was going to die about half way through, but I made it.

Then it was on to 60 crunches. No problems or complaints there. Except that my adorable Olivia kept attacking my feet and legs.

Finally, I had to do 100 squats. The first 50-60 squats were slow-going, but no issues. The last half was extremely difficult, but I made it through. Not even much for pain after I stretched it out. I love that my legs getting keeping strong enough to handle this.

Once again, I had eggs for breakfast. Well it was more like brunch considering how late it was. Lunch consisted of snacks of cherry tomatoes and frozen green grapes. For supper, I had, you guessed it, balsamic chicken.

My Whole30 email today was about Eating on the road. The main thing to remember is that planning ahead can help you in almost every situation. You may be extremely hungry after a long day of driving, but the cooler packed with healthy choices in the back seat can stop you from going thought the McDonald’s drive-thru just to get a snack.

Since I started the Whole30, I have only eaten out once. It was at Brewsters. I have not even looked at a McDonalds or Burger King in longing. However, I would love to have a sub from Subway any time now. Unfortunately, there is no subbing (no pun intended) out that craving because the bread is what makes them so delicious half the time anyway.

In the email there is also a guide to eating out in restaurants. I even have a downloaded print out to help me with that if I do find myself back in a restaurant before the end of the 30 days. It contains things like, if they bring bread to the table normally, ask them politely not to. Or ask about the ingredients in something you aren’t sure about. To check out restaurants online ahead of time to find one that you are most likely going to find what you need to be compliant.

I eventually will find an opportunity to use this I’m sure. I will probably even use it after the Whole30 is done.

Until tomorrow!

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