Day Seven: Week One Completed

At the end of today, I will have completed week one! And I am still going strong. But today is going to be a short blog post. That is my reward for successfully going a week. And according to my e-mail today, I’m supposed to treat myself at the end of my first week if I successfully did everything.

I started with 10 pushups. I did have a little resistance from my shoulder, but not much. I was able to do them without many issues.

Then it was the 45 second plank which was alright. It is still difficult, but I’m getting there.

Then 50 crunches and finally 80 squats. I’m able to walk normally without issues even after my squats now. And while they are still difficult, it is getting better.

For breakfast, I had three eggs. For lunch, I had what was left over from my supper a couple of days ago. For supper, I had balsamic chicken, which is still just as awesome as the first time. All and all, it was a very successful day!

Until tomorrow!


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