Day Five: Socializing

I went to bed by 10:00 PM last night with the hopes that getting up at 6:00 AM would be a bit easier. Well I woke up at 6:00 AM, but then nodded off again until 6:30 AM. Thank goodness for back-up alarms.

First exercise today is 7 pushups. They do not seem to be getting more difficult and do not seem to be giving my shoulder any issues even as the number of pushups grow. Today’s pushups were actually quite enjoyable because Olivia kept trying to crawl underneath me when I was in the up position, but then as I moved down, she would back out.

However, the 40 second plank hurt a lot. I did not think I was going to get through it. I hope it gets better, but something tells me that it isn’t. I just really have to focus on my breathing and try to remember that I am bettering myself. It will pay off in the end. What I need is a mantra for the plank. Hmm. I will have to think on that.

Then I had 40 crunches, and they went well. I’m not having nearly as many issues with them as before. My heart was fluttering though when I was done.

Finally, the dreaded 70 squats! I did them in groups of 20 with a water break in between. My legs burn!! But I stretched them out after I was done. I also checked my heart rate and it was at 185 beats per minute (BPM). I am definitely feeling the exercise in my legs, but walking was a lot easier than on day 2.

With time flying by, I had to hurry to get my supper ready in the slow cooker. More about that later, but off to work. With nothing for breakfast except spinach for breakfast. I know, I know. There needs to be some protein there, but I ran out of time. So I obviously still need to work on those time management skills.

But I ate a lot of spinach for breakfast. I tried to put balsamic vinegar on it, but it was too sweet. Now this is a balsamic vinegar that does not have the ingredients listed, but we figured probably did not have sugar in it. Based on this, I’m putting it away for the rest of the month and will have to buy some more Oliv balsamic vinegar (no sugar added) to have at work. My boss also brought a fruit tray in with some danishes. I tried to have a strawberry, but even that tasted too sweet. However, the honeydew and cantaloupe were both very good. I only had three pieces of each, so I didn’t over do it with natural sugars. I wasn’t even craving the sweetness of it, more something to break up the spinach.

Today’s Whole30 email directly relates to my boss bringing in treats and sweets for us at work. It is about dealing with social situations, things such as parties, weekends, office food, friends and family. So I have already dealt with all of these things, but telling you about them with ease the pressure a bit I hope.

For parties, there are several things you can do to avoid temptation. The first is the bring your own food or eat before you go to the party. If there is alcohol being served at the party, you can order a club soda with some lime slices or a glass of water. You can also make sure you have some of your support system there to encourage you, or at least tell the people that you know there what it is that you are doing. Finally, you can eat when you get home. This can be helped if you prepare something for you to eat when you get home.

For office food, it can be especially helpful if you can take the long way to avoid the unhealthy food. This is also a form of exercise, so yay! You can also keep your own healthy stash at your desk or in the office fridge, so you have something to eat while everyone else is indulging. When you do come face to face with temptation, take some deep breathes and count to ten. Clear your mind and remember why you cannot indulge in this tiny little treat.  It also helps if you have someone at work who knows what you are doing and can support you through the hard parts.

With friends and family, try to socialize without food or invite them to you so you can prepare a meal that you can eat. If they are giving you are hard time, confront the behavior and refuse to engage in the conversation if it continues. This can be especially helpful when trying to eat. Too much pressure can make it difficult to make the right decisions in the moment.

Today, at the office, I did not even look at the danish, not that I like them that much, but I was craving pastry products. I focused on the fruit, which I can eat. Knowing that I had another option really helped me from making a bad choice.

For lunch, I had my curry chicken. It was actually quite good and was not even that hot. I also had frozen green grapes and a banana. It was not the most satisfying lunch, but it was pretty good. I started to get hungry shortly afterwards. But I did have pistachios at my desk when I was unable to distract the cravings.

For supper, was my so well prepared Slow Cooker Chicken Vegetable Soup ( I spent a large part of my morning preparing this meal. Now, I knew when I looked at the ingredients that I would not enjoy all the tomato chucks because I have an issue with the texture of cooked tomatoes. But I added the diced tomatoes only because I’m always being told to try things more than once. I also did not have time to cut up the butternut squash, so it still sits on my table. I did not account for that in my recipe, so I did not add enough frozen veggies. However, it was still pretty good. I will probably have to pick out the chicken and veggies for my lunch tomorrow because I still do not like cooked tomatoes.

Then it was off to my English class, the first since I started this 30 day challenge. This presents a challenge in itself because there is no way to avoid vending machines in the university and I am so used to buying a Coke during my break to keep me going for the rest of the class. However, I filled my water bottle before I left so that will help the craving, I hope.

So when I arrived at the university, I looked up at the stairs I had to climb to get out of the parking garage. My legs ached at the thought of having to climb the stairs, but I knew I had to. So up I went about 14 steps and I was actually feeling alright. Then I got to the building that had my class in it and realized I had 4 stories to go. Yes, this building has an elevator, but I made an agreement with myself to take the stairs for every class (that is 4 stories up and down every Tuesday and Wednesday). So I did it. I also came up with my mantra at that time. ‘It may hurt today, but if you quit now, you will regret it.’ My concern now is getting back down those stairs without falling.

I made it through my break without leaving the classroom, so no Coke for me. I will just have to remember to bring my water bottle with me in the future, so I have no excuse to leave.

Well I made it safely down the stairs from my class. Once home, I packed up my lunch and supper for tomorrow; left over chicken veggie stew. Then I had a snack of green grapes, which I had planned for. Off to bed shortly after, a little later than I hoped.

25 days to go. Until tomorrow!


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