Day Three: The Slump

So according to my daily Whole 30 email, today is when things are going to start to get hard. The excitement about starting something new has worn off. You start to miss the foods you no longer can have. You might catch a flu because your immune system is over-working or too distracted to fight off an infection. You also might overly tired or moody and cranky. You also might experience either being hungry all the time or not hungry at all.

Well, I’m still pretty excited about this new start. I am deeply missing the foods I can’t have. I feel like my diet is very limited. No toast. No chips. No milk. I do have a sore throat which is new. I’m not tired or cranky. And I feel like I’m hungry all the time.

Ashleigh and I slept in a bit today, but I did get up and do my exercises eventually. Today, I started with 6 pushups and did not have many issues. My shoulder did protest a bit, but it was not bad. In fact, the added pushup was the right amount of push in the equation.

Then it was the 30 second plank, which was much harder today then it was tomorrow. Plus, Olivia was sitting on the coffee table above me and she looked about to pounce. Thankfully, Ashleigh was able to distract her long enough to let me finish.

Next was 35 crunches and they seem to be getting easier to do.

Finally, there was the 60 squats. Thankfully, these also seem to be getting a bit better. I was able to walk a bit better than normally and get up and down stairs better.

Then it was off to my dad’s house for brunch. This was the point that I realized it is going to be difficult to eat anywhere, but at my apartment or my mom’s because she is participating in the Whole30 as well. Everyone around me was eating pancakes, turkey bacon, eggs and hashbrowns and all I could eat was the eggs. I also ended up having an apple.

Ashleigh and I had some running around to do after that, but then went home to watch a movie before she had to catch a bus back to her school. During the movie, I finally implemented my plan to distract myself from popcorn. I had pistachios and rasberries for snacks instead of popcorn.  I did not even find that I missed having popcorn, something we normally have when watching a movie. I wonder if it had more to do with the fact that no one else was eating it either. Thank you, Ashleigh, for being so awesome and supportive by not having popcorn.

I did end up needing a 20 minute nap around 3 PM. I felt refreshed after that. Then it was time to take Ashleigh to the bus depot. I planned to eat leftovers as soon as I got back home, but I ended up going shopping for a slow cooker meal for later this week. I did end up having some chili lime chicken for dinner, but not much for greens. In fact, today was a bit low on greens completely. I will have to remember to eat more greens in the coming days.

Until tomorrow!

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